Great Relationship!

After having used “Just Like New Power Washing” services over the years on both a personal and professional basis, I feel it’s time to provide this long-overdue letter complimenting you and your company.

I started using “Just Like New” a few years ago.  The business relationship between us quickly solidified after seeing the quality work your team does, the professionalism presented while on the job site and recognizing that you have always been very price competitive.  

We are now at a point where I can call, we discuss my current needs, and things get handled on a “handshake” basis, foregoing the need meet beforehand for quotes, details, contracts, scheduling, etc., … all of which requires time.  

This relationship is twofold. I know Just Like New will do a good job at a fair price.  I’m confident you know that I will pay the bill for services performed.  

Thank you for bringing a bit of small-town back to what is becoming a big city.  

Frank Galeana

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