Impeccable work …

I highly recommend Just Like New for pressure washing services. They do impeccable work in a professional, courteous manner. The owner, Philip Schwartz, takes personal interest and pride in the service they provide and is on site to assure perfection.

We have a difficult residence with a high two story roof and two-story screen enclosure as well as a gutter system on the roof. They have cleaned the gutters, pressure washed the screen enclosure, house, paved driveway and large pool deck area on several occasions.

There are particularly careful to avoid any damage to the screen enclosure, shrubs or decking. We have resided in our home over 20 years and have used other companies in the past, however, have exclusively used Just Like New due to their excellence over the last several years.

I have also used their auto detailing services with equal satisfaction. I highly recommend Just Like New for power washing and auto detailing.

Jim W.

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